Instructions for Oral Presentations

Before conference day:

  • All presenters are required to e-mail the presentation slides in PowerPoint format.
  • Kindly email to latest by 11th October 2019.

On registration day:

  • Upon completing registration, all presenters are required to report to the presenter’s desk.
  • At the presenter’s registration desk, you are given the final chance to revise and update your presentation slides. Please bring along your USB drive and ensure it is free from virus and malware.

On presentation day:

  • All presenters are required to be present at the designated seminar rooms 10 minutes before the session begins. Please report your attendance to the chairperson in charge of your session once you arrive at your respective venues.
  • No further changes in presentation slides are allowed.

Presentation format:

  • PowerPoint presentation.
  • Presentation duration: 10 minutes presentation + 2 minutes for question and answer.
  • The first bell will be rung once at 7 minutes and the final bell will be rung twice at the end of 10 minutes. The presenter must then immediately conclude their presentation. No additional time will be given.

 Additional instruction:

  • All presenters are required to remain in the seminar room throughout the whole session