All academics, curriculum developers, service providers and leaders from industry and academic institutions are welcome to join the conference.

You need to follow several steps as stated below:

  1. Register as a participant or a presenter (Click here https://conference.iium.edu.my/iltc2019/registrationsubmission/).
  2. If you register as a presenter, you should submit your abstract.

The deadline for the presenter and the participant will be on 18th September 2019 to ease the evaluation process. However, the participants (audience) can walk-in to our event. 

The certificate can only be collected at the ILTC event and will not be sent to the presenter or the participant who does not attend the event.

You may download the formal invitation letter from https://conference.iium.edu.my/iltc2019/

Yes, but they are required to register as a participant to be part of the event.


Yes, your friend can replace you but he/she still need to register him/herself via the registration system which is available at our website.

International students who are enrolled in a local Malaysian university are not eligible to register as local student presenter/participant. They are requested to be registered under the International presenter/participant category.

Unfortunately, no. There is no discount offered for additional papers.


You need to create your own account through the Wp Abstract  system  (https://conference.iium.edu.my/iltc2019/registrationsubmission/) first, and then click on “Submit Here”

Yes, it is possible to create the account first and submit your abstract later.

Yes, any amendment and further abstract resubmission can be done through full conference paper submission by 15 August 2019. 

Any abstract submission must be done through the website system.

After the ILTC committee has reviewed the abstract, we will send an email to inform the author about the result. When the abstract is accepted, the author is required to submit their conference papers.


Full paper submission can be done through ILTC email (iltc@iium.edu.my). Please check our website https://conference.iium.edu.my/iltc2019/registrationsubmission/ for the instruction flowchart.


Yes, we allow a presenter to present more than one paper. However, the maximum number allowed is two papers. Payment fee is counted based on paper submission. 

We are proposing that the mode for ILTC 2019 online presentation be done through Google Meeting or Hangouts. Through these channels, both methods can be used for your presentation. As we have not attempted this before in our previous conferences, there could be changes of which we will notify you. Please provide details of your Whatsapp or Facebook account to facilitate quick real-time communication. 

We welcome all presentations either in Malay, English or Arabic.

The acceptance letter will only be issued once your full paper is reviewed and accepted. If your full paper is completed, we highly encourage you to submit your full paper as soon as possible via iltc@iium.edu.my.