Who Should Participate?

Students, researchers, academicians and traditional medicine practioners who are interested in ancient manuscripts, traditional medicine and medical history of the Malay civilisation. Pharmaceutical companies and food industry may also be interested to learn and understand how traditional remedies were formulated and what were the ancient recipes for healthy diet in the past. The conference is also a great platform for consumers at large, who are into history of the Malay Civilisation, as well as those who are keen to learn about Malay manuscripts, traditional and healthcare practices of the Ancient Malay People.


Conference main theme: Abstracts should be focusing on the study of Malay medical manuscripts.

All abstracts submitted for presentation in ICOMMM will be peer-reviewed. Abstracts are evaluated and accepted for presentation based on the conference theme and sub-themes as follow:Themes is specific to Malay medicine and will include but not limited to:

  1. Theme 1: Manuscript study
    Any philology work, transliteration and critical appraisal of Malay medical manuscripts or old documents with information in Malay medicine.
  2. Theme 2: Social history of Malay medicine – gender, economics, politics and religion-related issues
    Studies which are based on manuscripts or old documents, with relevance to Malay medicine or healthcare system in the Malay Archipelago
  3. Theme 3: Databasing natural resources from Malay medical manuscripts
    Studies which are based on manuscripts or old documents, with relevance to Malay medicine or healthcare system in the Malay Archipelago
  4. Theme 4: Incorporation of Malay traditional medicine into mainstream practice
    Any work that deals with the effort of mainstreaming Malay medicine in the contemporary healthcare
  5. Theme 5: Policy making – Act 775, an act on Traditional and Complementary Medicine in Malaysia
    Research, comments and analysis on Act 775
  6. Theme 6: Modern research, tools and ideas to innovate the Malay medicine
    Studies, research or innovations which are founded based on ideas, philosophy, principles or methodology from the Malay medical manuscripts; such as empirical studies that relate remedies (natural products) with their respective diseases as mentioned in manuscript(s), or optimisation of medical formulations as described in the Malay manuscript(s).
Instructions to Participant
  1. Please include the title of your presentation.
  2. Abstract must have the full name of all authors, with asterisk (*) for the corresponding author.
  3. Full postal address of all authors’ institution should be mentioned (as a, b, c, etc. as superscripts).
  4. Key words (up to 6 words) should be listed.
All accepted abstracts will be published in conference programme book. All accepted FULL PAPERS will be published in IIUM Journal of Allied Health Sciences (IJAHS): Special Issue OR a conference book.

Please refer to IJAHS’ Submission Guidelines to submit the Full Papers (click here).

Abstracts must be submitted to the Secretariat by 1 JULY 2023. Presenters must pay registration fees by 1 JULY 2023, for their abstracts to be included in the ICOMMM Programme Book. Full papers must be submitted to the Secretariat by 31 OCTOBER 2023.

Registration Fees
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