We are honoured to invite you to the International Conference on Malay Medical Manuscripts (ICOMMM 2023). This is the fourth installation, after ICOMMM 2015 (IIUM Kuantan Campus), ICOMMM 2018 (Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia) and ICOMMM 2020 (Virtual). ICOMMM 2023 provides the HIKAM Flagship and the University a platform for self-inspection of the achievements and the non-achievements through this period and to share these findings to a wider audience.

It will also continue to feed into the WHO Integrative Medicine Strategy, the Malaysian Ministry of Health’s Traditional and Complementary Medicine Blueprint 2018-2027, the Convention on Biological Diversity, and the Sustainable Development Goals of UNESCO including tackling issues of patents and biopiracy.

Efforts to make MMM one of the mainstreams in the academic field have started since the 1980s but its development has been relatively slow. Beginning in the early 2010s, this effort is gaining ground and this can be evidenced as more researchers and academicians are beginning to venture into this field. However, exposure to the public is still seen as limited and not many people know about MMM. Thus, the participants of this program are expected to be able to encourage researchers and academics to conduct more relevant studies and share research findings in this conference.

In addition, the industry can also take the results of research as the main basis in providing herbal-based health products. Nowadays, new herbal-based health products emerge rapidly but many products do not have the basis of scientific study. Therefore, this conference can be a platform for the industry and researchers to find collaborative opportunities to produce quality and safe products. In addition, the public can benefit from the program through the findings of the study presented.

Come and join us to work together on mainstreaming Malay medical manuscripts in academic and healthcare!


Important Dates
PAPERS will be published in IIUM Journal of Allied Health Sciences (IJAHS): Special Issue or a book. Abstracts must be submitted to the Secretariat by 1 JULY 2023.
Full papers must be submitted to the Secretariat by 31 OCTOBER 2023.

Conference Date

05 - 06 September 2023

Registration Deadline

30 June 2023.

Abstract Submission Deadline

1 July 2023

Full Paper Deadline

31 October 2023
Registration Fees
Sponsorship Package