Guidelines : for Presentation

Official Language:

  • The official language of the conference is English.
  • All presentation submissions shall be made in English.

Instructions for Presentations:

  • As an online virtual conference, all presentations will be pre-recorded by the presenter and uploaded to a designated repository. See instructions below.
  • The conference itself will run on March 25-26 (see IOVIC website) chaired with live introductions and offline Q&A.
  • The pre-recorded presentations will be available to all attendees for some time (TBD) afterwards in April.
  • Duration for each category of presentation are listed below:
    1. Keynote Talks are scheduled for 30 minutes.
    2. Invited Speakers 15 minutes each speaker.
    3. Oral Presentations are scheduled for 10 minutes.
    4. Silent e-Poster Presentations.
      • All posters must be in electronic format. Paper Posters will NOT be accepted.
      • Posters will be displayed on the IOVIC website.
      • Video and animations should not be included in the file.
      • The file should in PDF/PPT/PPTX format.
      • Portrait Format (38.1 width x 54.2 height in cm)/Landscape Format (54.2 width x 38.1 height in cm), Single-Page.
      • Minimum font size of 16 points
      • The maximum file size is 40MB.

Guidelines : for Preparing Video Recording


  • Authors please use the following guidelines for preparing your video:
    1. “Self video”: Please include “self video”. Position “self video” appropriately on your slide so that it won’t block the view of the slide. If possible, move the “self video” during presentation (if it blocks) to an empty area and edit out the movement part..
    2. Background: Use a blank wall (as much as possible) and wear clothes that completely contrast the wall colour.
    3. File size limit: 200MB file
    4. File format: MP4
    5. Recommended video height: 480 pixels (to keep size down to 200MB or less)
    6. Aspect ratio: 16:9
    7. File Name: iovic_Presenter’s first name_Institution.mp4 (e.g., iovic_Ahmed_iium.mp4)
    8. Upload deadline (Extended deadline): 4 PM,  March 20 (MYT GMT+8)
  • Except for the above duration and digital constraints, the form of the presentation is left free (although please be sure the video includes the title of the paper, the authors, and a mention to the conference title).
  • Follow the instructions below to upload the file.
  • The corresponding author will receive a Google Form link to the submission page where you can upload the video. Alternatively, the corresponding author can resubmit and follow the link to upload (or re-upload) your video presentation file until the deadline. The latest submission will be considered as the final submission.
  • Please start early: given that the resulting video files will be very large, they might need a long time to transfer, and you might not be able to upload them in time if you start late.

Instruction for Recording:

  • The easiest way to prepare your presentation video will be to subscribe to the free version of Zoom and use it to record your presentation video.
  • Alternatively, you can use Voice-over-PowerPoint (available in PowerPoint 2016 & 2019) and create a PPTSX file. Then Save As to MP4. Note the generated MP4 by PPT is typically large and will likely need to be compressed to meet the size limit of 200MB for author uploads.
  • Please check the recording for quality and understandability, and for timing, as it needs to fit into the specified duration.
  • Here are two links for video showing as how to record a presentation with Zoom: