Haji Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah or prominently known as HAMKA (1908-1981) is an Indonesian scholar, thinker, religious activist, and novelist who is well known in Nusantara. HAMKA is an eminent scholarly figure who had made a remarkable contribution to the development of Muslims through his knowledge dissemination and relevantisation activities. He had made significant impacts on the ways knowledge should be sourced and approached, systematising the knowledge, and indigenizing it for the local context. Even after forty years, HAMKA’s works, thought, and discourse continue to inspire Muslim scholars in Nusantara, particularly Malay-speaking intellectuals, thinkers, and even the general public.’s thought is relevant and pertinent because he lived in the period of colonisation that exposed Muslims in Nusantara to western values, philosophies, plurality, and a modern lifestyle. The challenges faced by Muslims at present are extensions of the challenges that were faced by HAMKA and his contemporaries.