Call for Participation

Academics, researchers, and students are invited to join as research poster presenters or participants.
Government agencies, media practitioners, research partners, industrial players, and non-governmental organisations are welcome to participate to benefit from the research ideas and findings showcased in the event.

General Information


Abstracts, posters and presentations are accepted in three languages:
English, Arabic and Malay.

Modes of Presentation

Physical and
Online – pre-recorded video presentation

Research Areas

Islamic Studies
Usul al-Din, Qur’anic Studies, Sunnah Studies, Fiqh, Usul al-Fiqh, Shari’ah Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Da’wah and other related themes.

Human Sciences
Literature Studies (English, Arabic), Linguistic Studies (English, Arabic), Psychology, Political Science, History, Communication, Sociology & Anthropology and other related themes.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

For submission:
  1. The abstract can be in English, Arabic or Malay languages and consists of 250-300 words.
  2. Please email the abstract to with the subject heading “ICONISHS 2023 (RESEARCH AREA)”.
  3. Research Poster Presentation shall include any one or all of the following:
    • Research Ideas
    • Research Methodology
    • Research Analysis / Research Findings
After submission:
  1. Successful abstract will be notified via email.
  2. The successful participant will be notified to submit the research poster in PDF format along with the recorded version of the research poster presentation in MP4 format latest by 10th July 2023.
  3. The maximum time limit of the recorded presentation is 5 minutes.
  4. The evaluation will ONLY be based on the first 5 minutes of the presentation.

Award Categories

Winner Categories:


Best Poster in Islamic Studies ★

Impactful Research in Islamic Studies ★

criteria; application-based research, action-based research, intervention-based research, or policy-based research.

Best Poster in Human Sciences

Impactful Research in Human Sciences

criteria; application-based research, action-based research, intervention-based research, policy-based research.

Product Innovation and Commercialization Award