Welcome to ICOMMM 2020

ICOMMM 2020 would carry the momentum built after ICOMMM 2018 (8-9th September 2018) and ICOMMM 2015 (8-9th September 2015) in promoting studies on Malay Medical Manuscripts to the academics and the public, expanding the research on these manuscripts beyond the realm of humanities to the scientific community. ICOMMM 2020 will also contribute to the execution and strengthening of Act 775, an act on Traditional and Complementary Medicine Malaysia, which has begun implementation beginning 2017. This act will regulate the activities of Traditional and Complementary Medicine in Malaysia aiming to give proper definition, eliminate pseudo-scientific activities and uplift the Malay traditional medical tradition.

Within the Malay World’s context, Islamisation of medical science requires the existence of a continuous, integrated study on Islamic-Malay works within medical science and related fields – medicine, pharmacy, food science, botany, zoology, etc. The works of Malay Muslim intellectuals in previous centuries that are fully Islamic and rich in humanity would reveal the character of Islamic science which are scientific and pragmatic, yet remain vigorously tawhidic in its nature, principles and visions. Their experiences and interpretations of science within the framework of tawhid are to be reclaimed, reintroduced and shared in formats such as annotated and non-annotated transliterations, publication of anthologies of manuscripts, and catalogues of works at remaining scriptoriums.

"Hikayat Hang Tuah, Hikayat Bayan Budiman, and Sejarah Melayu have all been nominated as world heritage items under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) ‘Memory of the World’ programme"
Objectives of ICOMMM 2020

To Study

To study the history, developments and achievements of Malay medicine through available manuscripts.

To Collect

To collect data on what has been done until now with regards to Malay medical manuscripts i.e. conservation, cataloguing, transliteration, digitisation, analysis and benchwork experiments based on manuscript data.

To Support

To support the implementation of Act 775 which is an act on Traditional and Complementary Medicine in Malaysia.